6 Stages of Fragrance in A Man’s Life

by Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Eventhough it may sound like a novel idea, but it’s proven that the average man will own 6 different fragrances over his lifetime. And as Fashion beans puts it, “the scents you select are in many ways milestones, olfactory markers of moments past”.

1. Boys Will Be Boys
The scent that aptly applies has to express a hint of freshness, woody, spiciness, and it’s overall a mild masculine without being too challenging or dominating.

Must try: Live by Version

2. Fitting In to Stand Out
The early 20s is considered as the golden phase of a man’s life, where they will discover how to fit in by choosing the best fragrance that’s not too dominating. The idea behind the scent is to blend in, the scent that stays long. Usually in this phase, men would likely to spend an awful lot of late nights with their friends.


Must try: Varens Homme Golden

udv_varen_homme_gold_ltd_edition_edt_1003. The Dating Scene
Time to hit to a different series of dating. Whether for good, casual, we’re not judging. However, it’s important to always smell good during your mid-twenty something, because you are at your prime. You’re currently paving your way to achieve your own definition of success, and you’re also starting to hit on girls more often than you couldn’t help yourself.

Must try: Red Soul by Euroluxe
red_soul_edt_sp_100ml4. The Proposal
Oh so you finally found the One? Congratulations! Now it’s time to get on your knees to propose to her. You might want to keep this in mind: girls love sweet memories. And wouldn’t that be great during the proposal and the wedding, you’re wearing the same perfume? That would be one eternal memory to hold on to.


Must try: Varens Homme Silver

homme_silver_100ml5. Please Don’t Make Me Angry
You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry, said the infamous character Bruce Banner. Contrary to Bruce, you won’t likely turn into green. This is the kind of perfume that you’d likely wear when you’re in dire need of attention. To blow off some steam. However that means according to you. From angry to lust, you’ll need a specific scent to represent your intense personality.

Must try: Varens Homme Intense

homme_intense_edt_100ml6. Living The Life
By this age, either at your 40s or 50s, you’d likely to picture yourself smoking a cigar, a glass of fine single malt, and sharing your stories with your children as you look to your lively past. You’ve matured. You’ve done your deeds. You’ve broadened your imaginations. You’ve achieved your goals. Time to relax and be the family guy that you’ve always wanted.


Must try: Night by UDV


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