Editor's Note

February Issue

BOmagz March 2017

Let’s marching through something philanthropic this month, fashion lovers! The glamour of recent Grammy and Academy awards should not always be translated as a dull kind of glam. These awarding events, through their talented stars and performers are also the best inspiration for do-gooding. Because entertainment world is not always about taking the spotlight, but it is also about the action of giving back.

And Brand Outlet is not shy on following the footsteps of the stars in giving back for those less-fortunates.

This March, we have two charity events, where you can trade your old wardrobes with BO shopping vouchers through our CLOTHES FOR A CAUSE program at Trove Market FX from March 3rd to 5th.

The second charity would be even cooler. Join BO’s RIDE WITH A CAUSE at the Ride Jakarta, SCBD from 8th to 10th of March by buying the spinning class tickets. Book your seat through Lulut.marganingtyas@mncgroup.com.
All the donation will be delivered to Kelas Keliling non profit organization.

As for the cool outfits on those occasions, for sure Brand Outlet is the right web to find the tips and literally shop them out at the same time :)

Happy shopping and giving!

Brand Outlet