Editor's Note

May Issue

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Welcome back to the almost mid-year of our life, which coincides in the cutely month of May. This is the month to celebrate the almost first-half of 2017, which also signifies the growth that we have undergone so far. How have May changed you in the positive and negative way? Remember, the negative events sometimes do not mean negative, it simply means that we needed the changes, a reason to push ourselves further. 2017 is still long, we still have 7 months to reach another resolutions.

May is the time to come back, to breathe deeper, to hold closer to the time that has gone by without us noticing. It’s time to catch up the pace. You own it to your life to make it worthwhile. In life, there are always those ups and downs. To those moments, BOmagz would like to share some relatable quotes.

“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.”

Realizing that we are all a work in progress in every part of our life. And that everyday is a new day, a new chance to be the better you.

And in that spirit, Brand Outlet is happy to announce that we’ve opened up our Pop-Up store at Level 4, Plaza Indonesia. Providing you, of course, with only the best choice of fashion pieces from clothing, accessories, to the coolest kicks in town. Reward yourself every now and then, visit out Pop-Up store.

And to celebrate May, BOmagz still continues to interview distinguished profiles from getting up-close and personal with sports TV producer Dica, the fashionable cousins of Shalvynne and Sasi Chang, the friendly Benny Dermawan, the people from Concrete Workspace, the mysterious Arnold Teja, to the edgy Amelia Bunjamin. Or have a musical throwback with our monthly profile highlight Vidi Aldiano in here.

We also advise you to spend more time with your loved ones, book a place at JIA Shangri-La or Noah’s Barn in Bandung. If you’re curious what to order, simply read the reviews done by us.

Here’s to embrace another 7 worthy months of 2017.