Ansel Elgort’s Airport Fashion: Cop It

by Sunday, September 10, 2017

Real talk here, have you watched Ansel Elgort’s latest movie, Baby Driver? If you haven’t, you better watch it because he drives us crazy. The movie gained a lot of praises and his acting got noticed once again by the movie lovers. And Ansel is currently promoting his new movie across the Asia; recently he went to Beijing and Tokyo in late August and to South Korea earlier this month.

Ansel Elgort

He was busy hustling while flying with his ‘off-duty uniform’; Louis Vuitton x Supreme pajama pants, a comfortable T-shirt, sneaker and leather backpack. This 23-year-old actor was being real to himself behind the curtains – no need flashy clothes and he prefers to tone it down. Just like any other male celebrities, he prefers to cop casual attires.

Ansel Elgort1 Ansel Elgort2 ansel

Although the thought of ‘casual’ for a big movie star means hundred dollars clothes, we ain’t gonna complain. After his appearance in Carrie, Divergent, and the phenomenal The Fault in Our Stars, Ansel’s style is on point, especially in LV x Supreme pajama.

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