Your August Monthly Horoscope

by Monday, August 7, 2017

Make sure to fill your days with positive mind and soul. Without much saying, here is your monthly horoscope this August.


Happy birthday to you, dear Leo! Since this month is prolly your favorite month, a new love will grace you. And yes, you can splurge in this special month. You’ll also get a job offer you’ve been waiting for by the end of this month.

Time to rearrange your room! The process of cleaning up your room will probably take your entire day but you gotta admit that is fun thing to do. But when you found an old pic of you and your former lover, don’t let the memories drag you down. You deserve a new piece of happiness!

Since Summer is your favorite season, doing some outdoor activities are no biggie. Camping, hiking, even stargazing are your secret weapon… to get your summer crush. Meanwhile, the moment of truth for some Libra is: your business is getting there, just wait a little bit.

During the first half of the year, you’ve been contemplating about new things. As we speak now, we suggest you to grab a new change in your life. It might be scary, but never ever slump your shoulder and surrender. But something that you can’t change is that your squad’s undying love for you.

Summer camp is the actually the perfect place to spend your days. With new people all across the countries, you can expand yourself by making friends with them. Besides, you can introduce them with your latest project and business, so perhaps they will help you more.

Uh-oh, seems like your habit of being a social butterly needs to be tamed down a little bit. Time sure flies while you’re having fun, and so does your money. You don’t want to beg your parents for monthly allowance , right? Start editing your CV and you’re good to go.

When talent, hard-work, and a dash of lucky charm, collide together to reach your dream, you’re unstoppable. With this form, people will look at you proudly. And for you, there’s no time for feeling so small – opportunities are always there. You can do it!

It sucks to get yourself sick during the summer. That’s why you should have taken care of your body dilligently. Quit consuming too much junkfood and start doing exercise. But in this case, your relationship with your summer fling will have a new progress as they’ll pay attention to you 24/7.

If there is someone who deserves a glamorous vacation, rising popularity and praises, it should’ve been you. But never try to squeeze all your activity in a day, it will stress you out. Healthy routine like having positive mind, doing yoga, drinking plenty of water and consuming veggies will help you a lot.

Home is where your heart is, the best catchphrase for Taurus this month. You like to spend your spare time in home; cooking for your family can be your favorite healing moment. Don’t be afraid to be single for awhile cause you can find them in random places, let’s say while doing grocery shopping?

When you already saved your money these few months and your boss is about to have their 2 weeks leave, immediately book a flight for the much needed holiday. Bring your squad and have fun like there’s no tomorrow – plus, give a chance to those hotties to win your heart. *winks*

HAH! No time to lazying around, Cancerian! Be proactive this summer parties at night and productive writing during the day (read: updating your resume). In the name of having new links or channels that can lead you to a new career path. While others are spending their money, you are making ones. What a king.

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