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by Thursday, December 1, 2016

Olivia Lazuardy has come a long way in the fashion industry since the 2012’s GoGirl! Look. The newlywed has established herself as an influential fashion blogger since 2013. She marked her online presence through her Instagram account that has 201k followers and her YouTube account with 26.248 subscribers.

bomagz-list-dec-olivia-lazuardy-26 bomagz-list-dec-olivia-lazuardy-25As she entered the studio, her aura glows, the newlywed’s smile lit the room. Talking about her wedding, the couple had a private wedding in October 15th, 2016, in Uluwatu, Bali. Thoughtful as she is, she shared the wedding event via her Snapchat, leaving fans in awe with the details: from her shoes, wedding gown, to the decoration!

So how’s life after the wedding?

“Happy. There are a lot of adjustments, because we are two different people and we live under the same roof, there are a lot of differences but I learned a lot. Basically, I feel happier.”

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me is very personal. It’s a media where you can show your personality through style.“

What was the first thing that made you want to delve deep into fashion?

“I began writing my blog back in 2013, and now I’ve been actively blogging for almost four years. I always wanted to get involved in the fashion industry, especially when I was a teen—between my senior and uni years. I liked mixing and matching my clothes and makeup. The thing is, I’ve always wanted to study fashion design but my parents didn’t allow me, so I took graphic design instead and that’s where I learned about the connection. I found it that both really emphasize in branding, and I learned about how to brand myself.”


Tell us more about your blog.

“I want to inspire people through my style. And I think blog is the most valid platform because of its online nature, we can keep (our writings) forever. I always wanted my blog to be a fashion bible, where they can find various answers related to questions about fashion. I wrote about different concepts in my blog, for example during the Presidential election in USA, I decided to review Michelle Obama’s personal style; classic and feminine. Whereas in my Instagram, it’s all about pose, click, and post. I like to discuss further about certain topics, for example my wedding preparation. I like sharing my personal stories with my readers, to inform them about the steps of wedding preparation, and I hope that (my article) would prevent the stress that comes with it. (Laughs)”

bomagz-list-dec-olivia-lazuardy-19 bomagz-list-dec-olivia-lazuardy-10

So how do you juggle your time between blogging, Instagram and vlogging?

“It’s all about schedule management. I have a small team that helps maintain my time, there’s vlogging team and blogging team. For Instagram, I handle it on my own. We divide tasks and schedules. Vlogging needs one month preparation in advance, including shooting and editing. For my blog, I make the concept, but for the writing, I have a ghost writer.”

The perks of being a fashion enthusiast?

“My personal favorite would be attending fashion events, I’m thrilled to meet someone new. I love the process.”

Your signature style?

“Feminine with a dash of fun, and smart .”


You finally have your own fashion line called Calla Atelier. Would you mind share us the story behind it?

“Honestly, I wished I had my clothing line way before I started my fashion blog. But I realized that it needed a lot of hard work and preparations, I had been planning since last year.”

“In August, Calla Atelier finally launched. It’s basically because I feel there are few brands that can’t cater to my personal idea of a feminine look. I wanted it to be feminine and fun, and prints. Due to my educational background, I learned about making digital prints, so that’s why in Calla, I combine my design with Krishandi Hartanto’s taste, and my husband’s business side.”

Fashion tips for daily wear?

“It depends on the person. You have to be comfortable in your outfit. Put on something chic and out of the box, because there’s no rules in fashion. For social gathering, black is the safest choice. Besides, it looks good on everyone, it gives a slimming look on your body.”

Name one fashion brand that fits you the most?

“Chanel. Very classic and feminine.”

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Who is your ultimate role model?

“I adore Nicole Warren from Gary Pepper Girl, but currently I look forward to Chiarra Ferreagni’s career because she has a good business mindset—her blog became a study in Harvard.”

Pick a fashionista that you would love to invade their wardrobe?

“Maybe Yoyo Kulala, a fashion influencer from Singapore, so I’d love to visit hers.”

What’s your new year resolution and five years plan?

“I want to expand my team, I want to achieve more on my YouTube channel. I have too many plans that I have in mind for my Youtube channel. And also for blog, and my brand Calla. For five years plan, I’m planning to have a kid. And also, I want to travel more, visiting countries that I have never been before.”

What is BO according to you?

“Be Olivia, I guess? I mean not to be me me, but I hope I can inspire many people. So that’s what Be Olivia is about.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
MUA & Hairdo: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Wardrobe: Calla Atelier, Megagamie, Lovo, B.Lab, and Noho, available at

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