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by Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A great brand is shaped through a consistency in delivering good quality products with a zest of creativity. Local brand Lovò already has 5 seasons of their collection, and the founders behind the brand don’t plan to stop any time soon. Valencia and Lysia first installed Lovò in 2016 and since then the brand successfully penetrates to the market for women with style.

lovo jan list bomagz1And in our January list, we bring you Lovò’s Valencia Tanoesoedibjo and Lysia Jessica. Both have gone way back since teenager years, sharing memories, stories, and passions. The basic interest in fashion enticed them to establish Lovò.

Could you share us the story behind Lovò?

Lysia: “It comes from our love for fashion. Fashion is not just fashion; it has evolved into a hobby. And somewhere along the line, fashion is also a good business opportunity.”

lovo jan list bomagz8Valencia: “Basically we see the potential of fashion industry in Indonesia first and foremost. That’s why we step into the market. And the idea behind it that we want to empower women.”

“Because to be able to influence people, you have to actually start and do something. That’s why we start it from this fashion line, Lovò. Though it’s a bit feminine and its style is a bit different from mine and Lysia’s, we realize it as we see that the market aims a great enthusiast in there.”

“The second one is we also produce Lovò as a feminine style yet it gives a strong character to people who wear it. So that they can boost up their confidence, pull out their gentle, passionate and independent side.” lovo jan list bomagz10

Where do the inspirations come from?

Valencia: “To be honest, inspiration for each collection is different, because it comes from a lot of things we browse through fashion references. We also consider our customer; whether they like it or suitable enough for them and something like that. We both also love to travel, so we get to experience different vibes and different sides of perception from the outer world. So for us, that’s how we actually get inspired.”

And amidst an emerging market of various local brands, what distinguishes Lovò?

Valencia: “It’s going to be very cliché if we are saying that we are different from the other, because every brand has their own thing that no one owns. Others probably say the same thing as they start it for fashion, for their dream and what not, but honestly speaking, we are still trying to find our identity and what makes us really special among others. We have both have strong backgrounds in creative area. I graduated from Bachelor of Arts, and Master of Arts, while Lysia got their Bachelor of Arts, too. So it’s safe enough to say we have the strong background in the creative area. I’m not saying that we’re the best than others, but our dynamic mind is stronger.”

lovo jan list bomagz3

“We’ve been friends for more than 10 years, when I was 13 and Lysia was 15, and from that our partnership is close enough to be called as family. While maybe people team up for the sake of business, our business based on trust and friendship, and also values and believe. And time to think about it, we’re considered as fast fashion; meaning that we always come up with a new collection every 2 months.”

Seeing that Lovò has 5 different seasons already since its first installment, perhaps you can share the stories behind each season?

Valencia: “Honestly, when the mood changes, the major theme follows suit and so does the collection. For our collection, and as our debut, we started it off with basic colors. And then on the next collection, we explore more soft colors and modest design as we launched it on Ramadhan. And as further we go, we challenge ourselves to be bolder, daring and sexier.”

lovo jan list bomagz7

Spill us about the upcoming Lovò collection?


“The upcoming one will be very different since we’re planning to have a new direction in 2017. Last year, we apply a friendly approach to tap into the market, the pieces were designed to fit various markets. While in 2017, we’d like the brand to be a reflection of both of us. So it will be a combination of Valen’s style and mine. So there will be pieces that are very Valen-esque, and others will look Lysia-ish. Though we still approach the market in a friendly way, as in prioritizing outfits that can be worn in multiple occasions, from semi-formal to formal ones.”

Any collaboration in the making, perhaps?

Valencia: “We’ll see this year. Again, it’ll be different from last year, because this is our second year and that’s going to be dissimiliar. We’re gonna have collaborations for sure, but we are not going to publicize it yet, because it’s going to be a surprise.”

lovo jan list bomagz4

As a fashion person, what does the word and the world mean to you?

Lysia: “Fashion for me is a reflection of one’s personality, how we express our personality through style. And somehow, it also inspires others. I think fashion won’t be everlasting if we’re following the trend. Trend may exist, but it’s more like how you take the trend and personalize it to our own style and personality. In a way, you can be updated in terms of the trend, but it has to also show who you are. Your identity as a person.”

lovo jan list bomagz9Valencia: “For me, fashion is life. It’s simply because your life is your personality, your mood, and a lot of things actually. So if you’re in the mood of dressing up, then your overall look defines your mood and identity. Fashion is also like a cycle; it changes everyday.”

Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to fashion?

Valencia: “For Lovò, we’re not limited to one designer only  due to our fast fashion nature. But for me personally, I like Olivier Rousteing, the creative designer of Balmain. He is very edgy and I actually love that kind of style, but it’s not wearable in everyday wear. Otherwise, I adore Selena Gomez –it’s not only her style but it’s more like her cool personality and her genuine side. She rarely exposes and rarely does self-brand herself, which I think is cool. And, oh, I like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s sense of fashion.”

lovo jan list bomagz2

Lysia: “For designer, I fall for Dion Lee, an Australian designer. Talking about muses got me thinking about Kylie Jenner and the way she flaunts herself to the public is significantly different. She’s not afraid to show off about herself. Her self-marketing is smart, in my opinion. For fashion muse, I adore Victoria Beckham. She’s a cool mama.”

Please describe your personal style.

Lysia: “A mix of casual, cozy and a bit oversized.”

Valencia: “Classic. I have so many white shirts, from the cheap to the expensive ones. I love jeans, like every type of jeans. And leather jacket. I love stuff from Balmain.”

If you were a fashion brand, what would you be?

Lysia: “I’d be definitely Celine.”

Valencia: “Saint Laurent.”

Apart from each other’s hectic life, what do you guys do during your spare time?

Valencia: “I travel a lot. Last holiday, I spent three weeks in 6 cities. Traveling is one of my hobbies and for me it’s actually quite important to open your eyes to see the world.”

lovo jan list bomagz5

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Valencia: “In the next 5 years, I probably would be married and have a kid. And hopefully my career is already way ahead from now and I’ll be able to inspire a lot of people. Though I have been invited to be a speaker in universities, but I hope I’ll be able to do more in the future. And then Brand Outlet is known nation wide, the same goes for Lovo. And success be upon my other projects. And in 5 years maybe I already cover a lot of countries too. And I hope I already listed in Forbes. (Laughs)

lovo jan list bomagz6 Lysia: “I’ll be the next Steve Jobs. (Laughs) Cause honestly, I am now studying the digital realm and have the interest in it. And hopefully, I’ll be able to invent something in that field. I’d like to explore and become very great at it, finding a breakthrough. And I hope it’s also one of the ways I can influence people. To try new things and getting out of my comfort zone, and to develop new hidden skills.”
Quick questions sesh!

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
MUA and Hairdo: Nadia Renata
Videographer: Iqbal Syafei
Graphic Design: Rusdah Ulfa
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Accessories: B.Lab, Noho available at
Wardrobe: Apparelluxe, Black Ribbon, Bloom et Champs, Epershand, Extricate, FARA, Lovo, Luna Habit, Megagamie, TANGAN available at

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