Creative Musing with Idee Conceptor

by Friday, June 16, 2017

Idee Conceptor was founded in December 2016 by 5 talented individuals who share the same passion in fashion and vision in visualizing creative idea of party concepting.

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Idee was taken from French word of idée means “idea”. Thus, it is not an ordinary planner that is able to offer visualizing ideas and delivering it with signature concept at the same time. “But Yes, Idee CAN!” Idee has different concepts of every occasional event by providing custom table setting, fruitful dessert corner, and up to bespoke event decoration. To realize all of these specialities, Idee has attractive pricing in 3 packages covering Jabodetabek area.

But first, let’s discuss with Idee to grab fiercest ideas about party concepting along with your enchanted personality, choose your moodboard, and Idee will do the rest. By April 10th, 2017, Idee had a splendid collaboration with Lovo on their launching debut. Keywords from Lovo such as minimalist and greenery had been succesfully transferred by Idee into a mesmerized party concept. Idee would like also to congratulate LOVO on their successful launching event.

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Idee will help to create every breathless moment. No worries if your Plan A fails, Idee still has 25 other plans to save your moment.

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Photos courtesy of Idee Conceptor

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