THE DREAM TEAM: Raisa & Isyana

by Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What happens when two female powerhouses of Indonesia’s music industry come together? Amazeballs!  Raisa Andriana and Isyana Sarasvati unite in a project that is breaking the stigma that girls often compete and look down on one another.

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The single Anganku Anganmu was released March 30, 2017 and has received an overwhelming response; the first spot on iTunes’ preorder list and more than 5 million views on YouTube. Composed by Raisa and Isyana, the song’s music was done by Ollipop from The Kennel Studio and features Alvin Witarsa’s lovely string arrangement. With their distinctive voices blending well together with the melody, this instant hit is shaping up to be a song that will go down in history. The beautiful music video was shot in picturesque Sweden during the winter, adding an elegant and classy feel to the clip. “It was so cold! I didn’t even know how many days it took, I just remembered how freezing it was,” Raisa jokes. “There may have been some extra takes because our mouths just wouldn’t cooperate due to the cold temperature,” Isyana laughs.

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Long before that, the inception of this project began when the managements of both singers came up with an idea to make something extraordinary for music enthusiasts in Indonesia. After all the brainstorming sessions, a decision to do a duet was born. This would also serve as a surprise to the public since all these years people out there seem to think that the two girls were secretly in some sort of rivalry. They are not, evidently.

From then on, everything went smoothly since everyone that was involved truly had fun during the process. Busy with their own schedules, Raisa and Isyana could only meet once a month for a workshop, three times, until the song was finally completed at the end of last year. Come February, they took off to Sweden to do the recording and shoot the music video in one go.

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Talking about the song, there is a deep message about feminism slash girl power within the lyrics; urging girls to accept each other, support one another and generally be proud of their achievements. As Raisa explains,

“But really, this applies to both sides, male and female. That if we rise to the top, or gain success, we can do it with our own efforts, without bringing anyone else down.”

Isyana also adds,

“It’s also about people having different dreams and aspirations, and helping one another so that those dreams do come true.”

The two are now fast friends who complete each other’s sentences, sometimes without even thinking. “Raisa is the definition of perfect. Not only gorgeous on the outside, she also has a singing voice that is to die for. I think she’s the true epitome of Indonesian beauty,” Isyana muses. Meanwhile, Raisa also thinks highly of her duet partner, “I admire Isyana’s musicality a lot, especially in front of a piano, she will turn quite a few heads. I also liked the way she faced difficult times when she first debuted, she handled it very well.”

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When asked whether or not they plan to do more duets in the future since Anganku Anganmu is very well-received, they burst out laughing. “It takes quite an effort to fit our schedules,” Isyana whispers playfully. Raisa on the other hand says, “This project is so new and still has a long way to go. We hope to go to other Indonesian cities and entertain our fans there, kind of like a mini national tour, if you will, but who knows if some day we’re given the opportunity to do it again, we’ll see.”

Since HET’s May theme is sports, what do these girls do as exercise to keep themselves fit and healthy? Raisa replies,

“I love squash! But it’s been a long time since I last played squash because the place I frequent is being renovated. As for eating habits, I still like my food savory and flavorful, and in return I compensate with doing exercises. I love working out anyway, it makes me feel fresh and stay positive afterwards.”

Meanwhile Isyana chuckles,

“Me, I give my fingers quite a workout since I play the piano all the time, no, I’m joking. I have a treadmill at home which I use when I have a spare time, I also used to go to Muay Thai several years back.”

Well, congratulations on the success of Anganku Anganmu  to Raisa and Isyana. We truly hope there will be more collaborations of these two in the future. Keep being inspirations to all of us!

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Hidden talent
Raisa: I can speak with my mouth closed.
Isyana: I have my own secret language that I only use with people closest to me.
Raisa: After one or two observations on my part, I think I can understand that secret language of hers. [laughs]

Instant stress relief
Isyana: Ordering food online from a mobile transportation app!
Raisa: Shoppiiing, as simple as that.

Favorite sappy movie
Raisa: About Time, a British romantic movie with Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson.
Isyana: The Death and Life of Otto Bloom.
Raisa: What is it about?
Isyana: It’s part documentary, part drama, with a love story thrown in as well. I cried!

Pre-bedtime routine
Isyana: I watch cartoons.
Raisa: I always go to the bathroom before I sleep.

Soothing hobby
Raisa: Cooking!
Isyana: Playing music.

Travel bug
Isyana: I’m in love with New Zealand. It has unparalleled beauty of nature, sooo relaxing.
Raisa: For me, my favorite travel destination would have to be Salzburg, Austria. It’s Mozart’s city, right? So everything has a classical and historical music vibe to it. It’s a small city, but extremely gorgeous.

Look booster
Raisa: One makeup item I reach the most would be… lip tint!
Isyana: I didn’t mean to copy her, but it’s also lip tint for me. [laughs]
Raisa: I like that it’s multifunction, and also because it’s not too obvious.
Isyana: It makes me look fresh and not pale.

Happy tummy
Raisa: Mostly Indonesian food. I like pallubasa.
Isyana: Nasi Padang! And Sop Kaki Kambing. Wait, I like Sop Kaki Kambing better, I think.

Secret ambition
Isyana: I wanna be a Chef!
Raisa: It’s a secret. No, kidding! If I’m not singing, I would like to be an Interior Decorator.

Worst pet peeve
Raisa: People who don’t respect time. Time is precious!
Isyana: I hate know-it-alls. They think they have the answer to everything.

*This article is a cross-content collab with MNC’s sister company HighEnd Teen. Raisa and Isyana are the cover of HighEnd Teen May 2017 issue. Grab the magazine in the nearest bookstore or visit for more info.

raisa isyana het mei 2017Writer: Listya Manopo
Photos: Kevin Aulia
Stylist: Sherly Cynthia
Raisa’s hair & makeup: Rahel Ayu & Ferry Fahrizal
Isyana’s hair & makeup: Yoan Yuana
Wardrobe: ZARA, Rinda Salmun for Fashion First, Aidan and Ice, Balenciaga, and Diesel


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