Exclusive Interview with Singapore’s Illest Vocal Group The Sam Willows

by Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Meet Benjamin Kheng, Narelle Kheng, Jonathan Chua and Sandra Riley Tang, who came to Jakarta to promote their second single from their upcoming album in October. The first single is Keep Me Jealous and the latest one Save Myself. They also just did a collab with Indonesian music group who also got famous from YouTube, GAC. Tune in to our exclusive interview below to find out more about them.

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Since your first single Keep Me Jealous has just released a month ago, what is the one thing that made you easily jealous?

Sandra: “It’s very childish, but you know sometimes you go to restaurant and you order your food and then you see your friends have a lot better kind of dish, that is when I get jealous.” (laughs)

Narelle: “I’m a bit protective over my boy, so I guess I will get jealous if my boyfriend was talking to some girls.”

Ben: “I’m jealous of people who, like, can sleep for hours and then get up in a day like nothing’s wrong and everything will be okay.”

Jon: “Oh, I don’t get jealous. Really, I don’t.”

And you’re also the part of lineups for Summer Sonic 2017 in Japan, congrats! One of the bucket list is ticked?

Narelle: “Yes, of course! And we are super, super exicted! I think that’s something, because it’s one of the festivals that become our bucket list for a long time. So I think to finally cross that out this year, it’s such a great feeling.”

Share us more of your accomplishment this year so far? Or your best accomplishment, perhaps?

Narelle: “Okay, for me, the most shocking thing that we’ve done when we first started it out and we released an EP. We actually managed to go to Texas, America, to perform at South by Southwest Music Festival, and for me it was like a pretty big deal experience.”
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“Last year, we held a concert in our hometown in Singapore, and we booked the venue that we wouldn’t sure we could fill. We just booked it because it was awesome and we would see who come. And we were so ecstatic because about 3500 people showed up, and we didn’t know that there would be groups of people who would come. Anyway it was a great concert and I’ll remember it forever.”

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Now talking about your second single, Save Myself, we watched the official lyric video and it was touching and personal. Stories behind it?

Narelle: “We already finished shooting for its music video, but we already released the lyric video two weeks ago, and the story behind Save Myself is actually a little bit cry for help.”

“For us, this album kind of revolved around where we are in our lives right now. And when we do feel like the older you get, it’s getting a bit more difficult, and you try to tell people that, you know, maybe you’re not doing the best. All you know that you’re hurting cause you feel like you have to be an adult. But that’s not really the keys, I think it’s not a shame to be ashamed like ‘yeah, I need help and I want somebody to come and save my life’.”

Narelle: “And for the music video that’s gonna be out really soon, it’s kind of long lines where all of us are kind of struggling through our lives, but somehow we find a better shelter to each other.”

Have you ever got inspired through other’s life stories?

Ben: “I think my dad is probably my biggest inspiration to me. I mean for example, we were born into a family of music. Everyone has a spot for music. And my dad wanted to be a singer himself, and he was really passionate and he had his own group as well, but he gave it up to providing our family. So he’s always in our shows, and very vocal about us. But it’s cool because somehow we get to liven up his dream.”
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As a band, opinions of course would differ. Any pros and cons during musical process? How do you guys overcome it?

Sandra: “I think we are very close. And the bad thing about it because we are so comfortable to each other, sometimes you don’t feel the need to be professional, so we do argue a lot. But then the good thing is because we are so close to each other, we can resolve things and not being petty about it. It’s like we can fight like right now but the minutes later we already chill about it.”

Before you have your own songs, you often do cover songs – let’s do a little flashback and tell us your favorite cover song and why?

Narelle: “For me it’s Meghan Trainor’s All About That Base, because I think it was the funniest cover that we’ve done. And it was super random and everytime I remember it, it’s very funny.”

Jon: “We did Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball which is very fun. It was three years ago and it’s like looking how far we accomplished things.”

What is your hidden talent that people would be surprised to find out?

Jon:  “My hidden talent is that I don’t get jealous.”

Narelle: “I can bark like a dog.” (laughs)

Sandra: “I probably can speak to cats.”

Ben: “I’m very cracky.”
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Writer: Adhinda Latifa
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