Fachri Albar, Abi The Professionals

by Monday, January 2, 2017

Fachri Albar, is one of Indonesia’s most admirable actors of Arabian descendant. Eventhough this 35-year-old actor got recognized as the son of celebrity couple, Ahmad Albar and Rini S. Bono, he has built his own name in the industry throughout the years starring in top movies such as Terpana and Pintu Terlarang and also several soap operas. His success is a result of his known professionalism, despite welcoming his second baby, Clover Satin Albar, earlier this year, it did not stop the actor to be deeply involved in his movie with MNC Pictures, The Professionals.


In The Professionals, Fachri is playing Abi, the partner leading the heist on revenge of his former partner, Reza (played by Arifin Putra), who first put him in jail for his own advantage. Despite being foes in the movie, Fachri and Arifin are actually old friends since their teenage years (that’s where the acting really kicks in).

What is your favorite part of filming the Professionals?
“All the roles I played so far had been very interesting and meant so much to me, including The Professionals. For me personally, all the challenging action scenes in the interesting locations are the ones that made the filming process so much fun.”


In what ways do you relate to your character, Abi?
“In the movie, Abi is the leader of the heist group. This was pretty challenging for me as it means I get to play the leader of amazing cast as well. Here, I was given the chance to explore on how to be a good leader both on and off the screen and also to explore the different layers of my lead character’s characteristics.”

As you said before, the lead role in this movie is very challenging, mentally and physically. How do you keep yourself healthy during the shooting of the movie?
“I keep myself healthy through finding time for sports. Any type of sports will do as long as it has an opponent because I see it as a challenging game more than an exercise.”


How often do you exercise?
“I used to do it more often but now that I have got professionally busier and a bigger family, I tend to spend more time with them.”

Any health tips for us?
“Well I can’t say much as I don’t call myself a health expert, but all I can say is, just take care of your health, as you can’t enjoy the money you earn if you are unhealthy.”


Writer: Venska Adelia
Photos courtesy of MNC Pictures and @aialbar

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