Your Favorite Oppa Eps. 1: Gong Yoo

by Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Korean fever doesn’t show any signs of stopping. K-pop, K-food and K-drama still have large market and  enthusiast in our country, including the actors and actresses. Looking at the current obession of Korean drama, we are trying to cope up the latest trend of its melodrama kind of drama.

gong yoo
The most loved drama, Goblin; The Great and Lonely God potrayed by Gong Yoo as one of the lead characters. Yoo got famous through The Coffee Prince drama back in 2007 and his blockbuster movie Train to Busan. The movie grasped Gong Yoo’s popularity again in public and took him to Cannes Film Festival 2016.
gong yoo1

gong yoo2
Both Goblin and Train to Busan marked his comeback after his four year hiatus. And as expected, the drama was a huge success. It gained tons of viewers and quickly became the highest rating drama in Korean television ever. And the 37 year-old-actor rose back to his peak of popularity. He’s reportedly finishing his Master degree this year and he was appointed as Korean Ambassador of UNICEF back in 2013. Well done, oppa!
gong yoo3

gong yoo4

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