Harry Styles’ Debut Album

by Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Just when you thought pink is out of style, this heartthrob brought it all back as he posted the cover of his debut album to his 20.5 million of Instagram followers.

harry styles new album (2)Soaking up in a wet look, piece per piece, these intimate posts capture only one thing: Harry has matured. Just as mature as fellow singers Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik, who, after the much needed hiatus, came back as a musical deity. Harry altered people’s perception that has been stuck with him for 6 years being in One Direction, roguish boyband look no more.

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Though appear flamboyant, as pink might represent, Harry chose to dwell on his mellow side. People would have easily predicted the young millennial to maintain his presumably lothario trait, but he switched it up in other ways. The mellowness, in the most fascinating way, exudes his romance. Sign of the Times as his first single, represents the quality of Styles’ vocal post One Direction era.

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He also explored the relatable subjects: an unrequited love. Though one might guess that mellowness would sometimes be an overdo cliche, Harry’s plead about love gave a spectrum of honesty to every listener. Bieber falls under the coming of age category, but a fine line rose between being a pop star and bowing to massive fan base in order to gain a cultural acceptance, and Harry elegantly dances in between the thin line. Not only adding pop, but he added a hint of folk into the chosen instruments. His songs, if turns out to sell well, will easily turn into must-heard classics in the future to come.
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