NOHO The Label Vol. 2 “Opulent”

by Thursday, May 18, 2017

That’s right, Brand Outlet‘s private label that emphasized on the concept of cosmopolitan jungle, NOHO The Label, will launch the exciting second volume entitled “Opulent”. The official launching will take place at the pop-up store of BO at Level 4, Plaza Indonesia, on May 19th, 2017.

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Tracing back to the first season where the green, white, and black dominate, this time around the theme made a bold cut to on-point edginess with dark color tones of black and blue. he concept of urbanite, where concrete meets a flare for fashion, resulting in a very sleek collection of tops and bottoms.

noho bo bomagz1Ready to wear, as if the street is your runway. And departing from this chic theme, the brand is aiming to be an international brand with its modern take on today’s citizen, but with a twist. By wearing NOHO, women exude confident, elegant, yet sexy. They will never take a no for an answer; NOHO wants its women ambitious – that’s the only origin of their success.

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