Raisa and Hamish: A Happy Ending

by Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The national mourning day continues as a shock wave of sadness spread across the country: Raisa and Hamish are now a happy wife and husband. They got engaged in May and Instagram went craycray as the two announced their happiest day and surely enough #NationalHeartbreakDay became a trending topic on Twitter.

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And on September 3rd, 2017, the couple finally tied the knot and exchanged vows. The wedding ceremony was held privately, Raisa and Hamish wore the traditional Sundanese kebaya, the grand ballroom of Ayana MidPlaza hotel was transformed in an opulent way.

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The ceremony continues in the evening where the hall was decorated according to the bride and groom’s wish. It was the night to remember for the newlywed couple. Raisa was dressed in a white gown by Elie Saab, while Hamish looked dapper in his black tuxedo. The happy couple were surrounded by their family, close friends and fellow singers and actors. And as they danced the night away, the guests cheered on them to their new stage of life.

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