Self-Driving Grocery Store Now Exists

by Thursday, August 10, 2017

Although it is a common thing to order your groceries online and have it delivered by a courier, ‘convenience stores’ gets an amped up definition with Moby Mart, a mobile supermarket that brings not only your groceries, but the whole grocery store to your door. This mobile supermarket gives you utmost convenience by allowing you to call it through an app, just as you call an online ojek service.

Pz9YhetAQl8s1When it arrives, you are free to grab what you need, scan purchases off the shelf, then pay with your phone app. The Moby Mart doesn’t have cashiers or checkout lanes, but are in the works to have holographic store clerks to help you shop.

The technology implemented into the mobile supermarket is optimistically futuristic. It is electric and solar-powered, with plenty of battery backup. The Moby Mart can also find its way through busy metropolitan streets using autonomous vehicle technology, and capable of making door-to-door deliveries with a fleet of microdrones located on top of the vehicle. Environmental-wise, it cuts down its carbon emissions by implementing build-in air scrubbers so that the store purifies the air on its routes.

The prototype of this smart supermarket has already been launched in Shanghai, a collaborative effort between Hefei University in China and the Switzerland-based company Wheelys. What do you think of this innovation? Are you looking forward to having a grocery store on call?
Source: HighEnd Teen

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