Shyamalan Is Definitely Back!

by Friday, February 17, 2017

After his successful two seasons of thriller TV series Wayward Pines, he is making a comeback with psycho-thriller Split, starring James McAvoy who is taking the role as a guy with 23 different personalities.

split mcavoyThe movie begins with scene of a father who wanted to take his daughter home alongside the other two young teenage girls. They are being startled by who appeared at that time as Dennis in a parking lot. Dennis ends up taking these girls as hostage in his secluded dead-bolt room. The story also intertwined with one of the girls, Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy) who’s braver than the other two, having vivid memories from her past childhood life, doing hunting with his dad and uncle John. In this movie, we get to see the other personality of Dennis, someone who’s into fashion design, and the very sweet and flamboyant character named Barry who appeared on a session with a shrink Dr. Karen Fletcher (Betty Buckley).

split mcavoy2Each of the personalities depicted by McAvoy is very distinct and interesting to watch. From Dennis who is a very strong, perfectionist character who lives with an OCD, to a 9 year old kid named Hedwig and even a woman named Patricia. In this movie, we feel McAvoy deserves an award for portraying each of these personas that appeared in such a quick split seconds.

split mcavoy3Don’t call it a Shyamalan movie when you can’t spot the director himself making appearance on the scene. This time, Shyamalan is on the same frame with the shrink, Dr. Karen. Especially with its line, “the broken are more evolved, rejoice!” you get to see how the story finally unravels a deeper meaning than just revealing who’s the most powerful personality out of the five characters that McAvoy portrays.

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