Sibs Power with The Daddarios

by Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Showbiz in Hollywood always has the talented siblings that capture people’s heart. Time to get familiar with the Daddario sibling, Alexandra and Matthew. Both of them are predicted to be big this year as people have been waiting for their upcoming projects!

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Alexandra Daddario, the eldest daugther, has finished her movie production for Baywatch that is scheduled out this summer. Meanwhile the second one, Matthew, is a rising star as his role in fantasy television series Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instrument brings good critiques. The siblings now are keen to be the limelight of the showbiz.

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Alexandra and Matthew were born and grew up in the Upper East Side of New York City, but their unique looks are of Italian, Czech, English and Irish descent. When we dig more about the siblings, it turns out that they come from a very political family. From their father being in the Department of Justice and the previous NYPD, mother being a lawyer, and grandfather being in the House of Representative. Though the sibling chose to divert in the showbiz industry. With her piercing blue eyes, this 30-year-old actress started to get recognized from her role in Percy Jackson & the Olympians movies. In 2013, Alexandra even dated her co-actor, Logan Lerman, and she just didn’t care about their 6 years age gap.

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Two years later, when she promoted her movie with Dwayne Johnson, San Andreas, she called it quit. Back in the market, Alexandra got a lot of movie offers. But one role that mesmerized people and risen up her name is her racy role in True Detective in 2014. She was brave enough to do a nude scene and made her consider as one of the 100 sexiest women in the world by Maxim magazine. Having a gorgeous body and witty personality, she looks up to Charlize Theron as one of her beauty icons, and Alexandra prefers wearing her flat shoes or sandals than wearing heel. Seems like the sister has the resemblance with her little brother; they both fond of animals. As you can see on his Instagram account, Matthew Daddario also seems to be an adventurous human being; he travels a lot with his longtime girlfriend.

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Since the production of his TV series is mainly finished, and the second season of the series has aired on early January, he probably will be spotted abroad. Well, he basically just loves the nature as his favorite tv series is Planet Earth and his favorite place to visit is The Natural History Museum in New York. Matthew began his acting debut in the movie titled The Debut in 2012, yet his name rose as he took a role in Breathe In and Delivery Man in 2013. Now people mostly know him through his role as Alec Lightwood in Shadowhunter. The series was previously a widescreen movie starring Lily Collin and Jamie Campbell Bower. He snatched the Breakout Star award in Teen Choice Awards 2016!

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