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by Thursday, January 12, 2017

Millenials. The term to describe a famous young adult in the early 21st century who’s socmed savvy. And Indonesia has tons of those, introducing the 18-year-old Jonathan Thiele. Father an Indonesian and mother is from Germany. Currently living in Jakarta, but spent most of his childhood time in Germany.

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Tell us more about yourself.

“My name is Jonathan Thiele, I’m 18 years old, born to a multicultural family with an Indonesian father and a German mother. I grew up living in Cologne, Germany, but places I call home include Jakarta and Jogjakarta in Indonesia and Paris in France. After graduating high school last summer (2016), I moved back to Indonesia, currently I’m residing in Jakarta.”

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So you’ve always been familiar with diversity, which is interesting.

“With my father living on the other side of the world I started traveling the world at a very young age, which is where my urge of constant discovery comes from. My father being a painter, I also developed a love in art, which I like to interpret in fashion now.”

When did you start being active in the Instagramverse?

“I started Instagraming back in January 2013, the first photo I ever posted still being up on my Instagram, as I got my first smartphone. Inspired by my dear friend Clara Devi who was already Instagraming for a while then I decided to make myself my own account to share my photos. At first, it was just random pictures, a selfie here and there. After a while I got more and more interested in fashion, started my own fashion blog and developed some sort of a sense of style, so I started to show off some of my outfits on Instagram as well and I would also share more of my travel pictures. Now, since I stopped blogging I’m less focused on promoting my website.”

“My account became more of a visual journal now in which I can keep all my memories and share my experiences with the world, of course I still post an outfit picture once in a while but not #OOTDs everyday.”

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Have you ever felt insecure when posting pictures to your Insta, people’s perception of you?

“Of course there is always the little voice in the back of my head as I press the “Share” button, worrying whether the picture is really “Instagram worthy”. But it’s not really an insecurity since I know how much effort I put in the picture (normally), with the process of taking it, choosing it, editing it and finding the right caption, so even if the picture doesn’t get as many likes as I might have expected I still cherish it and keep it up so I still have the memory.”

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We see that you’re also close with a lot of Instagrammers, including Clara Devi like you’ve mentioned earlier.

“My friendship with Clara Devi (@lucedale) goes back to 2012. We met when we both lived in Jogja, we became so close we would consider each other family. She would be the one that introduced me to the world of fashion, taking me with her to events, styling me, taking my pictures etc. Through her I met Anaz Siantar, back when she still lived in Paris, and Catherine and Luna during a Paris trip on which they went earlier in 2016. When I moved back to Indonesia this Summer I grew closer to them all, so we still hang out together sometimes.”

Personal fave Instagrammer?

“I cherish Instagram accounts with good quality photos, but the Instagrammer’s personality still has to be reflected in the photos. A good example for that from Indonesia could be my old friend Ivan Loviano (@iphann). From abroad my favorite Instagrammer would be the blogger Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla), very inspiring feed.”

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Being a person who’s been to several countries, which is the best one in your opinion? And what’s the story behind it?

“Since there’s a lot of places in this world that I call home, traveling for me is often “just” going home, and I also love to go to places I’ve been at before over and over again and discover new things and places there.”

“My favorite place to always go back to would be Jogjakarta and it’s surroundings, there’s always something new to discover, no matter whether it’s in the city or in the nature around it. A place I just recently visited and also really loved was Karimunjawa. Beautiful untouched nature and the most mesmerizing sunsets. I drove around the island for hours and hours, making a few stops, went snorkeling and made amazing memories with the friends that I went there with.”

What do you do in order to constantly be inspired? Any fave escapism?

“I try to always make things a little more interesting in my head and always look for new things.”

“I’m always secretly hunting for secret sunset spots, which might even be extremely public and people might pass it all the time but never realize that it has the most amazing view. Finding places like those and hunting for new things like this is what keeps me inspired. My fave escapism would be a beautiful sunset after a long day will ALWAYS cheer me up.”

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Now let’s talk about your signature style.

“I love shirts. Button down, wide collared any kind of shirt. I love collecting them and wearing them, always have my current favorites of course, but I love to change them up. My style could be described as casually chic, since you will rarely see me in just a t-shirt, but I still love the combination of shirt and jeans, to not always be overdressed, but never underdressed.”

2017 resolutions?

“Despite me being a huge dreamer with big dreams for the future, I’m not really a person of New Year’s resolutions. Of course there are the normal plans that almost everybody has for the new year like working out more or getting the body back in shape. I did make the decision to focus even more on Instagram, maybe make more projects.”

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What would surprise people about you that they wouldn’t guess? And describe yourself in 3 words.

“Even though I am very active in social media, a day without looking at my phone at all is not so unlikely to happen. Three words would be: Bold, (always) Happy, Dreamer.”

BO according to you means…

“Be Original.”

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Photos courtesy of @jothiele

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