The Rahajeng File: Sisterly Love

by Monday, February 1, 2016

Presenter, model, fashion blogger, and Instagram influencer, these two are simply the epitome of love; loving life, loving work, loving fashion, and loving sister to one another. The very reasons they are chosen as‘s February Muse.


Maria Rahajeng
The 24 year-old fashionista shared to BOmagz the life after Miss Indonesia. Among the many things that have happened, Maria told us that she has done a lot of fashion broadcast, from MNC Fashion, Style Talk, to be the presenter, alongside her twin sister, as E!News Asia presenter. “To be working with E!News Asia is a dream comes true, been able to interview a lot of personal icons as well such as Diane von Furstenberg and all those amazing designers. Apart from that, we’ve also been focusing our blog, which is, which focuses on travel fashion and lifestyle and that’s been amazing.”

Rahajeng for Brand Outlet 2

Maria is wearing Scalvina, visit for more information

When talking about fashion industry in Indonesia, a lot of local products are starting to keep up with the trend. As well as the supporting platforms, such as the fashion e-commerce web itself like ours. Could you share us your opinion about the fashion progress in Indonesia?
“I’m starting to see a lot of supports because there are a lot of fashion events that showcase these designers, from Jakarta, Surabaya, to Jogjakarta. And seeing that there’s a lot of fashion e-commerce in Indonesia – this just goes to show that there’s a lot of competitions and there’s a lot of good quality products out there for consumers and I think that will continue to grow in the future.”

Online activities always include social media, what do you think about this social media fascination that people seem to jump on the Instagram wagon.
“In terms of social media, I think as a society we love to showcase what we’re up to our friends and connect and it’s just something that we take advantage of. For me as a blogger, I use my social media platform to connect with our followers.”

And let’s not forget the #ootd phenomenon. What’s your signature style?
“My personal style is more classic, elegant, and feminine pieces. I like tailored pieces as well, so it’s not too eclectic.”

Rahajeng for Brand Outlet 6Maria is wearing Enigmanifesto, visit for more information

In dressing up, what is the best fashion item that would make a person stand out?
“Shoes, it ties everything together. Plus, you should always be comfortable in what you’re wearing, never go out the door feeling that you have to cover this or that. And not going too much, modify what you’re wearing and knowing what’s good to your body.”

If you were to describe your personality as a city, what would it be?
“I think I’d have to say Paris, very fashionable.”

Rahajeng for Brand Outlet 6

Elizabeth Rahajeng
Fashion blogger, TV host, stylist, and social media influencer, Elizabeth always finds a time to mix business with pleasure through her traveling session. And, little does everybody know, Elizabeth admits that she is a huge movie fan, ranging from My Best Friend’s Wedding, Atonement, Ever After, 50first dates, A Walk to Remember and many more. Apart from movies, Elizabeth, who once aspired as Kindergarten teacher when she was little, is known to be quite the observant of the local as well as international markets, “I think Indonesia is experiencing this shift, we’ve always been into fashion but with digital world it turns into a bigger fascination with fashion, especially in 2016 with a lot of new e-commerce companies coming out, it’s a great time for designers.”

Seeing your Instagram profile, we notice that you have a different style. Share us more on that.
“I like classic with an edge, I like experiment a little bit more than Maria so I like sometimes to be boyish, a little bit of androgynous look. I like to mix silhouette with more masculine feel. My signature #ootd would be blazers and jackets, for example like tweed or leather jacket, and pants and high heels, basically something casual but with an edge, also sunglasses and red lipstick.”

Rahajeng for Brand Outlet 5 Elizabeth is wearing top from Potts, visit for more information

You’ve recently traveled to Taipei, and in between them you have E!News Asia shooting and photo shooting, yet your skin seems flawless, what’s your beauty secret?
“I always drink warm water with lime and honey every morning. This helps with digestion, fat burning, and headache.”

What is the definite fashion item that makes a person an attention grabber?
“Accessories, because it’s the easiest way to make over any outfit, you can take any LBD with the right accessories like a statement necklace, or a really bright orange or shocking pink clutch, and they will definitely make you stand out.”

Rahajeng for Brand Outlet 3Elizabeth is wearing Scalvina, visit for more information

Now if you could pick any city in the world that best describes yourself, what would it be?
“New York, for me the city tops Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Rome, because it’s so eclectic and has so many sides to it. There’s so many characters to New York and that’s kind of like me. You have a lot of sides to you and you keep on changing, I love the energy of New York and the people. I love how you can go to one area, for example, Brooklyn, Soho, and you feel like you’re in a completely different city.”

Let’s talk about having a twin sister, could you share us more about it?
“Well, there’s a lot of pluses as a twin, it’s very unique, you always have a friend with you, you always have someone to talk to, and you basically have best friends with you, plus she’s my personal photographer. If we’re talking to about the downside, I think that you get compare to a lot, we’re two individuals and that’s how we wanna be treated as, two different personalities with two different opinions.”

Rahajeng Quote

After the last photo was taken, we asked to these lovely ladies what does BO stand for, apart from Brand Outlet, in their fashion dictionary. The two smiled and replied,

“Bold and Original.”

Featured image is courtesy of HighEnd magazine. Photographer: Kevin Aulia, Wardrobe: Stella Rissa, MUA: Geraldine.

Article images information: photographer – Vicky Melly, stylist – Hilarius Matthew, MUA – Nadia Renata, location: Raffles Hotel Ciputra Jakarta.

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