Uncover Indonesia: Taman Laut 17, Riung Island

by Saturday, June 17, 2017

You might want to explore the East Nusa Tenggara region for this Lebaran holiday. One name comes to mind: Taman Laut 17 Pulau Riung.

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The region consists of big and small islands, from Pulau Kolong, Bangko, Pata, Wawi, Batu, Meja, Wire, Laingwaja, Wingkureo, Rutong, Bampa, Telu, Sua, Mborong, Ontoloe, Sui, and Taor. The islands spread across the villages of Tadho, Benteng Tengah, Nangamese, Lengkosambi, Sambinasi.

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An ideal spot for snorkeling, diving and to witness the magical ocean biodiversity. To head to this place, you have to spend 2,5 hours from the capital city Ngada.

taman lau 17 pulau riung bomagz (1)

Source: Okezone

Photos courtesy of Tourism NTT and Pedoman Wisata

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