The Undefined World of OBSCURE

by Friday, August 11, 2017

In between the lines of black and white lies a gray zone that much undefined as perceived as the safe zone. In the artistic approach of Andy Dewantoro and Eddi Prabandono, such zone is called OBSCURE.

Undangan -OBSCURE

Thoughts are then loosely translated into a series of work of arts in Salihara, from July 28 – August 20, 2017. “Dark Room” by Andy was raised through his personal experience, signifying his fears of trying something new artistically. The process was the most significant part in artist’s life, although sometimes being in a creative field could make someone out of idea. Such worry was also translated in the work of “Dead End”. While in his “Forget Me Not”, Andy was inspired by an architectural landscape in East Europe that holds many stories.

Andy Dewantoro-Dead End 200x200cm Eddie Prabandono-Archeology of time

In the “Archaelogy of the Future”, Eddi gathered various traffic signs to make an installation. To Eddi, the signs depict the present tendency in today’s society, that we no longer regard or respect any kind of sign that’s obviously right there in front of our eyes because we’re all too busy fixating our eyes to our phone.

Photos courtesy of PR Communications

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