What’s Inside Marsha BlushOff’s Bag?

by Thursday, October 6, 2016

Welcome to BOmagz‘s first edition of “What’s Inside My Bag” with beauty vlogger and blogger Marsha Karta Swadharma. The videoshoot took place at Awan Lounge and Waha Kitchen, Marsha is known better Marsha BlushOff, a beauty vlogger and blogger from Jakarta and she is the owner of the self-titled blog BlushOff and YouTube channel BlushOffBlog.


Since she was little, Marsha loves following her passion. She was into dancing when she was young, and as years passed, Marsha found her other passion in blogging. As is her enthusiasm towards anything related with makeup world, and just like a match made in heaven, Marsha combined her two main hobbies into something refreshing.

“At the I thought to myself why not share my makeup tips to other people? So I came up with the ‘Blush Off’ name back then, and it has been five years since I first started.”

Five years and still going strong, and even expands to Instagram and vlogging. She admit that due to her hectic schedule, it’s hard to manage her time, juggling between making a video content, videoshooting, editing a video, and photoshoot.


She then joked, “Honestly, I suck at managing my schedule. If I’m not reminded or I don’t put any reminder, I would forget my meetings. But lately, I’m starting to get the hang of it.”

Quite the dedication though as Marsha has been in this beauty vlogging for five years, but it’s a good time to be involved since today’s trend has significantly shifted to vlogging. Marsha shared that there’s a lot of upsides for being a beauty blogger and vlogger.

“From making new friends, being the first to know new makeup products, and of course the opportunities to do a collaboration with well-known makeup products. I once got invited to a vacation abroad by a makeup brand. But the thing I’m most thankful about is the chance to meet professional people from the makeup world.”

marsha-blushoff-bomagz1Her point of view of beauty vlogging is interesting. To Marsha, there’s a chemistry between a person and the makeup product, you can’t choose which makeup product that fits you best right away, it takes process. These experiments, in her opinion, are exciting as one discovers new things.

marsha-blushoff-bomagz7marsha-blushoff-bomagz5“For the skincare, it’s all about the basics. From choosing the best cleansing product to the treatments, oh and a moisturizer is a must! While for the makeup, it’s about knowing your signature lipstick color: pick the right color to brighten up the face. After you found one, you can explore further on the various shades for your eyes and face.” Marsha also shared her love for local makeup brands, she believes that the quality of makeup brand is on par with that of international ones.

So, what’s inside Marsha BlushOff’s bag?

A closer look:

marsha-blushoff-bomagz2 marsha-blushoff-bomagz3

Quick Question Sesh

Have you ever took a sip from a stranger’s glass?

Have you ever get stuck in the elevator?
No! God, no. What a nightmare!

Have you ever accidentally stepped on a broken glass?
I don’t think so.

Has a power failure ever occurred when you were in the middle of washing your hair?
Yes, it happened to me and it was pretty scary!

Have you ever picked the wrong suitcase at the airport?
Never, cause my suitcase has a bright color.

Have you ever accidentally spilled your drink to your dress?
I have! And the color of the drink was red, so my dress looked all bloody.

Have you ever forgotten where you put your phone and went mad, only to find out that it was right next to you?
Yes! Turns out I put it in my pocket!

Have you ever accidentally put salts instead of sugars to your drink?
Unfortunately yes.

Have you met your old friends, chatted for quite a long time, but didn’t remember their name?
That often happens, one of my bad habits. I think I have a short term memory lost.

Lipstick or lipgloss?
Lipstick! Because lipgloss is way too sticky.

Primer or contour?
Contour! To hide my chubby cheek.

Liquid liner or gel liner?
Liquid liner! I can never work with the gel liner.

Powder blush or cream blush?
Cream. Because it’s way more natural.

Foundation or BB cream?
BB cream, it’s light and it makes my skin look healthier and shinier.

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Videographer: Moody Elisha Wijaya
Video Editor: Mario Raymond Bully
Wardrobe assistant: Tri Septian Utomo
Wardrobe: Megagamie, Sumire, and Moscato, available at BrandOutlet.co.id
Bags: Ceviro and ACTS, available at BrandOutlet.co.id
Accessories: Rolemodel, available at BrandOutlet.co.id
Location: Awan Lounge and Waha Kitchen at Kosenda Hotel Jakarta.

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