Your July Horoscope

by Saturday, July 1, 2017

Without us knowing, we already step into the second semester of 2017. As the seventh month of the year, July becomes your turning point about this year. You can look back to six months earlier and silently prepare your plan for the next six months. Regardless of what will happen later, you have to work your best to reach out every goals in life.

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Career and cancer are just meant to be. You follow your plans by yourself without waiting other’s command. You are the boss of yourself. While you are on top of the game, as is your financial state. Psst, please avoid having an affair, will ya?

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It’s half of the year already and it’s time to reflect. Did you do well? Are you happy? Those thoughts really need to be considered, because up till this month Leos are having a little mental breakdown. It’s actually a call for you to take a spiritual healing this month.

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Your intake of water and vitamins are needed a lot just because this July, you will have extra projects in humanitarian service or philanthropic activities. Besides, your creativity will show and give you extra pocket money. And your single self won’t feel so much burden because all the fun you’ll get!

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‘Everything will be alright’ is probably the best phrase that represents your life. With your limited time, you have to split your time well: between family and personal matter with friends and partner. You’ll overcome all obstacles in the end, don’t worry. Patience is a virtue.

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Expect the unexpected when your boss mentions about your promotion, all you have to do is doing your best. While you focus on your work, unfortunately you’ll get less time with your family. Since you’re too attached to your work, you might end up having a feeling with your boss. Uh-oh.

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Surprise, surprise! Since you deciced to study again, your single self will find love interest there. Or maybe they’re actually there among your close friends. This leads to your happy inner self and helps you to get more spirit doing your daily works.

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Always remember that you can’t do everything alone. Sometimes you need someone to lean on and to share all your burden. Either your longtime friends, family or your lover – they have your back. In the meantime, maintaining your physical and mental health are also important.

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A lot of socializing and partying for Aquarian helps you forget about the hardships you have gone through in working place. And surprisingly, you enjoy it a little too much. Be careful though, you tend to be careless with your action, in terms of work or family matters.

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Your plan for future is clear and it’s your top priority. You follow your path diligently and you’ll achieve a monetary success through your hard work! After that, your romance will likely bloom and sooner or later you’ll take a major decision regarding your love life. Can’t wait!

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As your career will probably go through major transformations, your energy will also drain so better start to take care of yourself. On a brighter note, single ladies or men will most likely find their summer romance during summer parties. Be prepared!

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One key to everything: good communication. Whether it’s with your family, friend, co-worker, or your lover. It will also lead you to a good deal in your career and business. After all, don’t forget to take a quick vacation after your hard work.

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With your quick thinking, you spend the same amount of money while you invest them to new projects. But please pay attention as your sneaky friend will likely betray you. You don’t need to find a new lover immediately, take your time.

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