Your New Lucky Tee Based On Zodiac

by Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy new year, everyone! Welcoming 2017 isn’t complete without peeking what your zodiac says about you! Find out your luck this year, and of course as your go-to stylish assistant, you’re also entitled to know which new lucky tee represents your zodiac!

According to Chinese Zodiac, this year is gonna be a Red Fire Rooster and the main element of 2017 is obviously Fire, which we can safely assume, the red color becomes the strength. New strength, new look, new confident and other new points in your life – that’s what you need to approach the new chapter of your book.


You’ll be surprised how refreshing it will feel if you stop worrying too much about everything. Too much work will make you greedy and grumpy. You need to relax, so start eyeing your dream vacay destination from now.

New Year’s tee:



Life is only running perfectly when work, love and health cooperate with each other. It’ll always a good thing when your loved ones got your back and don’t forget to be grateful, dear Aquarians.

New Year’s tee:



As the most senstive one, Pisces needs a good self-nurturance and some space where you can feel at ease and recharge yourself. Your focus to be a better one requires all the good phase of partnership and relationship.

New Year’s tee:



Say hello to your big and new missions and dreams this year. You are such in a good vibe and high spirit this month! No wonder a lot of people suddenly feel like confiding in you.

New Year’s tee:



One key in life; balancing between health, work, love, and family. You may find this surprising, but you actually inspire many friends and colleagues with this positivity, so keep it up!

New Year’s tee:



This year also marks your goals in career, partnership and financial, you know the how and the when, you are in control. You also manage to make time for your loved ones, even a little creative me time!

New Year’s tee:



A bit similar to Taurus, Cancerians need a good balance to achieve the goals. Hey, fret not, you do realize that working out is the perfect option to blow some steam, right? Besides, you’ll finally have that dream bod you’ve been wanting all the time.

New Year’s tee:



Dear Leo, we encourage you to learn new stuffs and travel more this year. As your main career has a steady pace, now you can start focusing elsewhere: the romance department. Time to tie the knot?

New Year’s tee:



Boost up your self-esteem, start to trust yourself entirely. Finally visualized that long time dream of yours? Congratulations! We know, we know, it also cut down half of your budget. But think of it as an investment. And a start of something new!

New Year’s tee:



New things for you! So make sure you have planned out, don’t go overboard with the budget. Also, it doesn’t hurt to do stretching every now and then, our suggestion: pilates or yoga. You need a peace of mind.

New Year’s tee:



Big year for Scorpions, but we’ll let you in on a secret: 2017 is indeed your powerful year. The key is taking a good care of yourself, your relationship to others, your busy schedule, and of course your health.

New Year’s tee:



Major themes of your 2017? Love and romance. Major success of the year? Financial department. Major happiness? You. Make a mental note to you believe in yourself more and give yourself something nice every now and then, you’ve earned it.

New Year’s tee:


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