Your September Zodiac

by Monday, September 4, 2017

So are you ready to welcome the month of September? It’s always fun to welcome September, isn’t it? Something about it that makes us realize that it’s only a couple of moths away to December! Right, let’s get on it.

Virgo: August 23–September 22
Romantic relationships and partnerships of all kinds are illuminated by the full moon on the 6th. This is a powerfully intense day when your passions are guaranteed to be stirred, a sensation that lasts through the weekend.


Libra: September 23–October 22
September kicks off on a highly social note, with camaraderie and dynamic exchanges in your circle of friends. You can indulge in gatherings and the community spirit until the 20th, as your ruler Venus glides through your friendly networking zone. You’ll then be called to focus all your attention on a matter that draws you inward, toward quiet solitude.

scorpScorpio: October 23–November 21
Groups and communities are the primary focus of September, Scorpio, so connect with like-minded friends through work or common interests. Your reputation gets a welcome boost from Venus this month; you’re seen by peers as an attractive, influential teammate. The 9th is your power day to connect, while the 18th could see a breakthrough at work.


Sagittarius: November 22–December 21
With planets riding through the most prestigious area of your horoscope, you can expect more than your five minutes of fame this month, Sagittarius. Career goals and worldly achievements are in the frame, with momentum pushing you forward and stamina holding you steady. Affirm future aspirations on the 20th.

capCapricorn: December 22–January 19
Intensity makes way for adventure in September: It’s been a fierce few weeks with matters of the heart stirred wildly. Now you can breathe easier, especially after the 9th, when optimism and exploration really take flight. Private, intimate affairs are still unfolding, but in far more enjoyable ways.

aquaAquarius: January 20–February 18
Love, love and more steamy love is written in the stars this September, Aquarius—and boy, is it getting heated! With significant planets twinkling in your key relationship zones, unions will sparkle with allure. Private affairs of all kinds can progress this month, including shared agreements, finances and property. Trust and bonds can deepen, with the 18th a remarkable day for expressing affections.

piscPisces: February 19–March 20
Get ready for a moment in the spotlight, Pisces! September 6th sees a dreamy full moon in your sign, emphasizing personal progress this year. Relationships are ignited all month long, with planets energizing partnerships of every kind—business, romantic, family and friendships. You’ll gain a sense of resolution in exchanges, as conversations come full circle and balance resumes.

ariAries: March 21–April 19
Throw yourself into back-to-school vibes with gusto, Aries. September’s your time to get to work, and with your ruler, Mars, lending efficiency and organization to your skill-set, you can stick to a schedule, meticulously ticking off tasks. There’s a fresh start for your routine on the 20th; prep by making health and wellness top billing. Note one important day to chill: The full moon September 6th puts escapism high on your agenda.

taurTaurus: April 20–May 20
Reset the dial on romance, Taurus! September’s your time to put love, affection, and fun first. With Venus joining Mars in your amorous corner on the 20th, you can look forward to steamy moments and passionate notions in weeks ahead. Until then, you’re solidifying trust and unity, bringing a gorgeous touch to your emotional foundations and home spaces. Note that the 13th is a magnificent day for stability and security to ripen, while the 18th brings happy surprises.

gemiGemini: May 21–June 21
September lights up the stars in your home zone, bringing attention to domestic matters, family, or close ties. However, until the 10th you have a strong connection with peers and bosom buddies—so circulate like the dazzling social butterfly you are, Gemini! The 6th, 13th, and 18th are especially stellar networking days. You’ll slow down for true emotional rejuvenation and a fresh start for your foundations around the 20th; then ready yourself for a romantic cycle, which breezes in on the 22nd.

cancCancer: June 22–July 22
The full moon early in September unleashes poetic notions as your most expressive side shows, Cancer. You could be inclined to announce your thoughts, especially in the presence of partners you value most. Important associations are spotlighted during the following weekend. It’s a month to maximize connections, so take time to align with buddies, siblings, or colleagues.

leoLeo: July 23–August 22
A plethora of planets grace your money zone in September, and whether you’re compelled to spend, save, or really take control of your income, there’s an emphasis on your material realms. Focus on the work you do that reaps rewards and ready yourself for fresh starts. Resolutions and new beginnings are favored around the 20th, and in the weeks ahead you can ascertain more about the role that brings you tangible rewards.

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